Hi! I'm Brie, an Indiana-based wedding videographer and feeler of all the feelings. Let me tell you what I love about my job . . .

Firstly, it's you! You've spent months, even years of your life, anticipating this day and the meaning it would hold. I've seen a lot of grown men cry giving their daughters away, moms beaming as they place the veil on their little girls, and countless grooms in awe the moment they first see their bride. Guys, those moments are real. They keep me coming back to video again and again, because I want to share that story you've spent all this time planning for! It's day one of your marriage, the most sacred relationship on this earth, and I get to be there?! Um, thank you!

So yeah, we're gonna be friends. I want to know your vision and dreams for your video, and have a blast while we create it together! I'll be there to help carry your flowers during photos, constantly tell you how amazing you look, and chow down on some cake while sobbing behind the camera during your first dance.

This job never gets old, because everyone's story is their own, every wedding day is unique, and I get the pleasure of telling this story on film! I've been at this for six years, and I still get butterflies showing up to weddings knowing I'm about to see two people become one- it's the best!

I'm big into adventure, experiencing new things, and love traveling just about anywhere. I love a good podcast, fixing up a big charcuterie tray to share, and I have a serious obsession with big bouquets. I've seen Chef’s Table more times than I can count, and I love being in any place that's green. I can't wait to meet you!

Love, Brie